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Can I mix different colours together? PDF Print

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UVR versions can be combined and standard versions can be mixed but they mustn't be mixed with each other. Where cost is important but a UVR top coat is required the standard product can be used for the first coat and when touch dry can be overcoated with the UVR version.
Can I use normal emulsion rollers? PDF Print

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No, only use a polypropylene stipple roller, otherwise you will get clumping and an uneven finish. These are available direct from NVP or from larger DIY stores and Chandlers.
Can I use normal thinners? PDF Print

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No, the only solvent that can be used with Protecta-kote is Xylene (Xylol). Using anything else will prevent Protecta-kote from hardening (curing).
What is the minimum temperature can I apply it at? PDF Print

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The colder and drier the conditions the slower the product cures. At 10°C it typically takes 6 -12 hrs for the first coat to become 'tack free' to recoat. Protecta-kote must not be applied below 5°C or above 35°C.
How thick is Protecta-kote when applied? PDF Print

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The recommended two coats of Protecta-kote should give you a thickness of approximately 0.75mm. Where Protecta-kote is being used in high wear situations three coats are recommended giving a thickness of approximately 1.0mm. These figures will vary slightly depending slightly on the material and technique being employed.
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