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This is a general guide to using primers with Protectakote and Safekote. The general rule is that all smooth surfaces will need to be lightly abraded and all surfaces dry and free from any contaminants such as oils, waxes etc. If in doubt or when applying to areas larger than 15m² a test area should be done, if in doubt please contact us first.

    Clean, Remove dust, Remove grease marks,
Dry surface thoroughly
Obligatory test patch prior to application  Scuff/Lightly Sand to remove surface finish Sanding with 40 / 60 grit Clean with Xylene**** Primer
Paints Painted surfaces (Wood, Metal, Concrete, Polyester)    X   X   X  
Wood Untreated wood (except oily exotic wood) X     X X  
Processed wood:             Plywood, Chipboard. X     X X Seal with dilute PVA or matt emulsion*
Marine Ply X       X  
Tanalised Wood     X   X Dilute the first coat with 10% Xylene
Steel Mild steel X       X  
Polished steel X       X Metcote¹ or Protectakote Clear Primer or 2K
Used polished steel X       X Metcote¹ or Protectakote Clear Primer or 2K
Rusted steel X     Remove all rust** X  
Stainless steel 304 L X       X Protectakote Clear Primer or 2K
Stainless steel X X     X Protectakote Clear Primer or 2K
Galvanised steel X       X Protectakote Clear Primer or 2K
Aluminium Aluminium X       X 2K or Metcote¹
Aluminium A3 X       X Metcote¹
Aluminium A5 X       X Protectakote 2K
Anodized aluminium X  X     X Protectakote Clear Primer
Composite materials Fibre glass X   X   X  
Polyester X       X  
(Not Polyethylene)
X X X   X  
PVC X     X X  
Rubber X       X  
Linoleum     X   X  
Canvas cover                 Inflatable surfaces             Pliable surfaces X X     X  
Building Industry
Polished concrete X    X*****   X Dilute the first coat with 10% Xylene***
Concrete X       X Dilute the first coat with 10% Xylene***
Damp Concrete  X       X Duraprime
Slate X       X Dilute the first coat with 10% Xylene***
Quarry Tiles (unsealed) X       X Dilute the first coat with 10% Xylene***
Ceramic Tiles X X     X Protectakote Clear Primer
Marble X X     X Protectakote Clear Primer
Glass X X     X Protectakote Clear Primer
Asphalt² X       X  
Bitumen² X         Duraprime
Tarmac² X       X  

* This is to improve coverage, dilute first coat by 10% with Xylene. Please note that we recommend using Marine ply for all external or internal applications where moisture might be present. No sealing, diluting or priming is required for Marine ply

**Alternatively remove any loose or flaking rust and apply Rust Buster, For maximum corrosion protection surfaces should be coated in a corrosion inhibiting zinc phosphate or red oxide primer. Allow to cure for 48 hours before overcoating.

***Any loose or crumbling concrete must be removed, smooth surfaces should be mechanically abraded or acid etched, with a stiff brush, rinsed and allowed to thoroughly dry before application. If unsure of the condition of the concrete or there is any likelihood of rising damp or there is no DPM or it is a high wear area use Duraprime.

****In most circumstances an alkaline detergent such as CIF cream cleaner can be used to clean a surface, it must however be rinsed off and allowed to completely dry before overcoating.

***** Either mechanically abrade or use an acid etch to roughen the surface, surface must be clean & dry before application. We always recommend a test patch before applying to surfaces larger than 15 m².

¹ Metcote is not suitable for areas where there might be water pooling on the surface.

² Bitumous surfaces can cause a bleed through, dark colours are recommended.

Our primer products are listed below. We have several products available and they are listed below. As more products become available they will be added to the NVP primer range and will appear here, so do keep an eye open here for our new products.

Protectakote 2K Metal Primer 6.0 litres Xylene (1 Litre) DuraPrime 5 Litres

Metcote 1litre

NS1 Rust Buster Protectakote 2K Metal Primer Xylene DuraPrime Metcote


Duraprime  - Two pack water based epoxy primer
Metcote - Single pack high adhesion etch primer
Protectakote 2K - Two pack etch primer
Protectakote Clear Primer Treatment - High Technology non-etching primer
Xylene - De-greasant and solvent for Protectakote

For more detailed information on the primers please visit the New Venture Products website or click on the individual links.



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