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1. Protectakote WB Smooth
(Products/Products) the product sheet for more detailed preparation lists. WB Smooth Product Information To order this product for next day delivery, visit the NVP online store     ...

2. Protectakote WB
...for application by paint brush or stipple roller, as used for stipple paints. Spray for Special order only ( 8-10 week delay) Colours: White (RAL 9016) PRODUCT USES ...

3. Applications for Protecta-kote in Caravans and Motorhomes
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Welcome to the Protectakote Gallery page. Here you will find images of Protectakote being used on caravans, motorhomes and even minbuses.  {mosthumbviewer: imag

4. 404
(Uncategorised Articles/uncategorised) The page that you wish to visit is not currently available possibly due to an incorrect link, wrong page URL or something similar. However, do not despair, instead pleas

5. Protectakote v Safekote
The following table shows the comparitive features of Protectakote and Safekote. This will help you to choose the correct product for your specific application. Safekote Marine is a single co

6. Safekote
(Products/Products) its greater coverage makes it more economic  Safekote Product Information  To order this product for next day delivery, visit the NVP online store ...

7. Customer Applications Gallery
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Welcome to the Protectakote Gallery page. Here you will find images of Protectakote being used on truck/lorry flatbeds, commercial and household floors, ramps and stairs as well as on roadside kerbs

8. Protectakote - Wheelchair & Access Ramps, Safety Coatings
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Due to it's anti-slip nature, Protectakote lends itself very well to all kinds of safety applications; from exposed walkways and workshop floor coatings to non-slip coverings for access and wheel

9. Protecta Kote - Boat Deck Anti Slip Coating
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Whether you run a sedate, relaxing narrow boat or a hard working trawler, slippery decks can be inconvenient and dangerous. NVP has the answer with Protectakote. Available in a range of co

10. Protecta Kote - Renovating Play Equipment
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A local Parish Council contacted us with a problem - Their heavily used play equipment had started to show signs of wear and tear. The worst item was the roundabout in the village recreation

11. Protecta Kote - Corrosion Resistant Protective Metal Coating
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If you tried to imagine the worst environment for metal, you couldn't find much worse than the hopper of a road gritter. Salt based grit and moisture from the elements form a lethal combinat

12. Protectakote in Action
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Here are some examples of how Protecta-kote has been used in many different places and for different reasons. Truck Bed Liner Narrow Boat De

13. Agriculture Applications for Protecta-kote
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Protecta-kote can be used for a huge variety of jobs on the farm - anywhere where water and people mix, such as: Lining for metal water tank Farm equipment Concrete floors Milk pens

Protecta-kote gives Increased grip in high hazard areas such as industrial flooring or fire escapes at the same time as protecting the underlying structure. This has applications in a wide ra

15. Health and Safety Applications for Protecta-kote
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Slipping can be a significant hazard in many different places. Using Protecta-kote to give an increased grip, anti slip coating can greatly improve safety in situations such as:

16. Automotive Applications for Protecta-kote
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There are many places on cars and trucks where Protecta-kote can make a huge difference not only to the safety of the vehicle, but also to prevent damage and rust. With its unique and attracti

17. Applications for Protecta-kote
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Protecta-kote (frequently mis-spelled as Protectacote) can be used for a huge variety of jobs from pickup truck load space protection to wheelchair ramp safety. It is incredibly e

18. NS1 Rust Buster
HTML clipboard NS1 Rust Buster is a rust converter and primer that chemically reacts with iron oxides transforming them into a stable compound which can be overcoated. It is ideal for use with

19. Guide To Primers With Protectakote
    Clean, Remove dust, Remove grease marks, Dry surface thoroughly Obligatory test patch p

20. Protectakote Smooth
(Products/Products) surfaces. Please see the product sheet for more detailed preparation lists.   To order this product for next day delivery, visit the NVP online store ...

21. Guide To Primers With Protectakote
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This is a general guide to using primers with Protectakote and Safekote. The general rule is that all smooth surfaces will need to be lightly abraded and all surfaces dry and free from any conta

22. How to Find us
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We do have a trade counter that is open in normal business hours. If you would like to drop in for a demo of our products or to purchase a product from our range then we look forward to your visi

Protectakote Clear Primer Treatment is a single component primer treatment, which can be used to prepare inorganic surfaces such as marble, glazed ceramic tiles and aluminium prior to the appli

24. Protectakote Spray Application
Protecta-kote can be sprayed using a simple shutz gun and compressed air. Protecta-kote for spray applications is supplied in a customized one litre can that is designed to simply screw onto th

25. Protecta-kote UVR
...or stipple honeycomb roller, as used for stipple paints or overcoating Artex. Spray for Special order only ( 6-8 week delay) Colours: Black (RAL 9005), Mid-Grey (RAL 7046), Ligh...

26. Privacy Policy
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...dress. We gather this information to allow us to initially process your registration, process any orders you may make and provide us with marketing information. The relevant information is then...

27. Terms & Conditions
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... between us We must receive payment for the whole of the price of the goods and delivery that you order before your order can be accepted. Once payment has been received by us we will confirm w...

28. Ordering Products
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There are three ways to order: Visit our online store for rapid delivery directly to you.  Our online store is secure and secure payments are provided by SagePay & Paypal.

29. Accessories
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...eter 9" Polypropylene stipple roller and tray is ideal for applying Protectakote to larger areas in order to give you an even textured finish. Easy to use and leaves a great finish. ...

30. Duraprime
... required. COVERAGE 1 litre per 5 to 7 m2 per coat depending on porosity of surface. To order Duraprime for rapid delivery, visit the NVP online store   Activator MSDS...

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