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1. Protectakote WB Smooth
...lour -  white. Ideal for the contrasting colour on the leading edge of steps that have been painted with Protectakote, please note that overcoating nust be done within 24 hours to avoid...

2. Protectakote WB
...istant and anti-slip qualities. Protectakote WB is a unique, advanced formula polyurethane anti-slip paint, incorporating rubber (Polypropylene in the transparent version) granules to give a fl...

3. 404
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...t despair, instead please go to for more information on our range of paints and coatings. Alternatively: These are links to the par...

4. Protectakote v Safekote
...uch as floors, steps, ramps and bathrooms. Protectakote is possibly the most versatile anti-slip paint product ever made! Protectakote anti-slip paint will chemically bond to most surfaces l...

5. Safekote
Safekote also known as Safekote Marine is the latest anti slip coating to come from Zest Polyurethanes (the manufacturers of Protectakote). It uses the same basic technology as Protectakote UVR

To ensure good bonding between Protectakote and whatever it is painted onto, the area needs to be clean & dry with no waxy or oily residues. For non porous substrates such as metal or fibreg

7. Protecta Kote - Boat Deck Anti Slip Coating
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Whether you run a sedate, relaxing narrow boat or a hard working trawler, slippery decks can be inconvenient and dangerous. NVP has the answer with Protectakote. Available in a range of co

8. Protecta Kote - Renovating Play Equipment
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...and should keep it's looks for many years to come. As an added bonus, the non-slip properties of the paint provide a safe, high grip surface even when the roundabout is damp. In another ex...

9. Protecta Kote - Corrosion Resistant Protective Metal Coating
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...ush was needed to get rid of all the loose rust. The hoppers were brush painted with black Protecta Kote and will last for a long time before re-application is needed...

10. Protectakote - Protecting the bed of a working truck
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...l sorts of abuse... things are thrown in, it is exposed to the elements all year round. Standard vehicle paints can only take this sort of abuse for a short time before they begin to flake and inevita...

11. Protectakote in Action
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Here are some examples of how Protecta-kote has been used in many different places and for different reasons. Truck Bed Liner Narrow Boat De

Protecta-kote gives Increased grip in high hazard areas such as industrial flooring or fire escapes at the same time as protecting the underlying structure. This has applications in a wide ra

13. Health and Safety Applications for Protecta-kote
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...n be applied to most surfaces and so improving access and safety. Unlike most anti slip paints, Protecta-kote incorporates rubber granules instead of simply having grit sprinkled ...

...t, petrol, diesel and most solvents make it an excellent choice for:  Decks (an ideal deck paint) Gunwales, Steps, Roofs, Jetties Tugs & barges Chain lockers Metal st...

15. Guide To Primers With Protectakote
...;           Paints Painted surfaces (Wood, Metal, Concrete, Polyester)    ...

16. Protectakote Smooth
(Products/Products) yellow.  Ideal for the contrasting colour on the leading edge of steps that have been painted with Protectakote, please note that overcoating nust be done within 24 hours to avoid...

17. Guide To Primers With Protectakote
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...            Paints Painted surfaces (Wood, Metal, Concrete, Polyester)    ...

18. Anti-slip paint poster
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19. van and bedliner poster
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20. anti slip paint poster
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21. How do I remove Protecta-kote?
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...While it is wet it can be removed with Xylene (Xylol). After drying it can only be removed with a strong paint stripper. Protective clothing and equipment should always be worn when applying Pro...

22. Where can I use it?
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...loors and decks, Train platforms. The list is almost limitless. Wherever an impact resistant, anti slip paint (non-slip paint) which will bond to most substrates is required.   &nbs...

23. What surfaces can I apply it to?
(FAQs/Protectakote FAQs)
Painted surfaces, some plastics and rubbers, steel, aluminium, fibreglass, wood, concrete and galvanized steel. It is essential that all surfaces be properly prepared for a good bond, as specifi

...clear protective and anti-slip coatings such as Protectakote and Safekote. Protectakote anti slip paint is available in a large range of colours including transparent with anti slip granules ...

25. Protectakote Spray Application
...plication: Xylene for cleaning and dilution, scouring pad and/or medium grit sandpaper, rubber gloves, paint mixer drill attachment or stirring rod, masking tape, and clean-up rags and standard ai...

26. Protecta-kote UVR
...finish that is resistant to impacts and waterproof. Instead of the grit used by most other anti-slip paints Protectakote UVR uses small rubber granules to give a textured anti-slip finish, thi...

27. Ordering Products
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There are three ways to order: Visit our online store for rapid delivery directly to you.  Our online store is secure and secure payments are provided by SagePay & Paypal.

28. Protectakote Stockists
(Uncategorised Articles/uncategorised) Quay Lane Boatyard Ltd Specialist on-line supplier of good quality marine paints and related items. Based in Gosport , Hampshire. Whilton...

29. Accessories
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... Spare Rollers If you have large surface areas to paint you will need spare rollers. These are the stipple roller type. ...

30. Duraprime
DURAPRIME 50 is a two part, water based, epoxy penetrating primer which is supplied at 32% solid. It is recommended for use as a primer with various topcoats, water based epoxies, 100% solid epoxi

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