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1. Protectakote WB Smooth
Protectakote Smooth WB is a Water-Based Anti-Slip Coating. offers all the same advantages as Protectakote but without the rubber granules, giving a tough, chemical  resistant smooth coating.

2. Protectakote WB
Protectakote WB is a Water-Based Anti-Slip Coating. offers all the same advantages as standard Protectakote (tough, almost as flexible, wear resistant and anti-slip) and by using different resins

3. Applications for Protecta-kote in Caravans and Motorhomes
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Welcome to the Protectakote Gallery page. Here you will find images of Protectakote being used on caravans, motorhomes and even minbuses.  {mosthumbviewer: imag

4. 404
(Uncategorised Articles/uncategorised) The page that you wish to visit is not currently available possibly due to an incorrect link, wrong page URL or something similar. However, do not despair, instead pleas

5. Protectakote v Safekote
The following table shows the comparitive features of Protectakote and Safekote. This will help you to choose the correct product for your specific application. Safekote Marine is a single co

6. SafetyGrip
Protectakote SafetyGrip is an abrasive additive for Protectakote which provides improved grip under wet conditions. Protectakote Safety Grip comprises accurately sized and graded dolomite par

7. Safekote
...wn as Safekote Marine is the latest anti slip coating to come from Zest Polyurethanes (the manufacturers of Protectakote). It uses the same basic technology as Protectakote UVR but incorporates u...

8. Customer Applications Gallery
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Welcome to the Protectakote Gallery page. Here you will find images of Protectakote being used on truck/lorry flatbeds, commercial and household floors, ramps and stairs as well as on roadside kerbs

To ensure good bonding between Protectakote and whatever it is painted onto, the area needs to be clean & dry with no waxy or oily residues. For non porous substrates such as metal or fibreg

10. Protectakote - Wheelchair & Access Ramps, Safety Coatings
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Due to it's anti-slip nature, Protectakote lends itself very well to all kinds of safety applications; from exposed walkways and workshop floor coatings to non-slip coverings for access and wheel

11. Protecta Kote - Boat Deck Anti Slip Coating
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...w boat or a hard working trawler, slippery decks can be inconvenient and dangerous. NVP has the answer with Protectakote. Available in a range of colours for brush or spray application, Pr...

12. Protecta Kote - Renovating Play Equipment
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A local Parish Council contacted us with a problem - Their heavily used play equipment had started to show signs of wear and tear. The worst item was the roundabout in the village recreation

13. Protecta Kote - Corrosion Resistant Protective Metal Coating
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If you tried to imagine the worst environment for metal, you couldn't find much worse than the hopper of a road gritter. Salt based grit and moisture from the elements form a lethal combinat

14. Protectakote - Protecting the bed of a working truck
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...anti-slip surface which will protect the vehicle and enhance its future value. Available in a range of colours, Protectakote can contrast or blend with your vehicle's original colour, and unlike plast...

15. Protectakote in Action
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Here are some examples of how Protecta-kote has been used in many different places and for different reasons. Truck Bed Liner Narrow Boat De

16. Agriculture Applications for Protecta-kote
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... Concrete floors Milk pens Stock/animal trailers Wooden floors/steps Vehicles Not only does Protectakote improve safety with its anti-slip (non -slip) properties it also helps pre...

Protecta-kote gives Increased grip in high hazard areas such as industrial flooring or fire escapes at the same time as protecting the underlying structure. This has applications in a wide ra

18. Health and Safety Applications for Protecta-kote
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Slipping can be a significant hazard in many different places. Using Protecta-kote to give an increased grip, anti slip coating can greatly improve safety in situations such as:

19. Automotive Applications for Protecta-kote
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There are many places on cars and trucks where Protecta-kote can make a huge difference not only to the safety of the vehicle, but also to prevent damage and rust. With its unique and attracti

20. Applications for Protecta-kote
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...ty. It is incredibly easy to use and will last for many years before any re-application is necessary. Protectakote is also now available in a UVR version that is designed to give maximum l... is going to be high exposure to UV light (boat decks), salt water or water pooling we recommend the use of Protectakote (UVR). This will give a greatly extended life in difficult conditions, ...

22. Protectakote 2K Metal Primer
Protectakote 2K Metal Primer is a dual component etch primer suitable for getting adhesion of Protectakote to all types of aluminium, stainless steel, galvanised steel and glazed ceramic tiles. I

23. Guide To Primers With Protectakote
...Stainless steel 304 L X       X Protectakote Clear Primer Stainless steel X X...

24. Protectakote Smooth
Protectakote UVR Smooth offers all the same advantages as Protectakote but without the rubber granules, giving a tough, chemical and UV resistant smooth coating. It is available in a limited r

25. Guide To Primers With Protectakote
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This is a general guide to using primers with Protectakote and Safekote. The general rule is that all smooth surfaces will need to be lightly abraded and all surfaces dry and free from any conta

26. van and bedliner poster
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27. anti slip paint poster
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28. How do I remove Protecta-kote?
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...moved with a strong paint stripper. Protective clothing and equipment should always be worn when applying Protectakote as it is very difficult to remove from skin or clothing.  ...

29. How do I get Protectakote off my hands?
(FAQs/Protectakote FAQs)
Protectakote should be applied with protective gloves! However one can remove wet Protectakote from one's hands by immediately cleaning with Xylene (Xylol) and then with soap and water. Use moistu

Whilst both versions are extremely tough the UVR version uses a different type of resin (aliphatic) to not only give better resistance to dis-colouration and fade but also a 50% higher breakin

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