NVP provides a number of accessories to assist with the application of safety coating.

For the full list of Accessories see the online store here

Some of our accessories are listed below:



Brush (2.5inch)
Ideal for smaller areas.


Brush (1.5inch)
Ideal for those fiddly bits where its difficult to get the roller. 


7" Roller Tray & Roller
This Polypropylene roller is ideal for applying Protectakote. Easy to use and leaves a great finish. 



Xylene (1 Litre)
The only recommended thinner for Protecta-Kote. Ideal for cleaning down surfaces prior to applying Protectakote as well as cleaning and diluting. DO NOT USE STANDARD THINNERS WITH PROTECTAKOTE 



Accelerator Sachet (3 ml)
This accelerator will speed up the curing process, making treated areas usable sooner. It is also ideal for when applying in cold weather. 3ml is suitable for a 1 litre tin. 

Multi_Roller_Refill.jpg Spare Rollers
If you have large surface areas to paint you will need spare rollers. These are the stipple roller type.
stirrer.jpg Paint Mixer/Stirrers
Thorough stirring of our paints and safety coatings, especially  Protectakote are absolutely essential for correct application.
 9inch-roller.jpg  This large diameter 9" Polypropylene stipple roller and tray is ideal for applying Protectakote to larger areas in order to give you an even textured finish. Easy to use and leaves a great finish.