Protecta-kote UVR

Protecta-kote UVR is a single pack aliphatic polyurethane which cures into an attractive, tough, textured  anti-slip coating, with excellent abrasion, chemical resistance (Nb. although anti-slip coatings are often referred to as non-slip it is imposiible to ever get a completely non-slip finish).

Protectakote incorporates rubber (Polypropylene in the transparent version) granules to give a flexible anti-slip finish that will not flake, chip or peel. With no mixing or blending required, it can be easily applied to almost any surface (a primer may be required) including metal, concrete, wood, fibreglass, plastic and rubber leaving an attractive textured anti-slip finish that is resistant to impacts and waterproof. Instead of the grit used by most other anti-slip paints Protectakote UVR uses small rubber granules to give a textured anti-slip finish, this not only lasts much longer but is also non-abrasive and impact resistant. Because Protectakote UVR is an advanced formula polyurethane coating not only will it not flake, chip or peel but it is also extremely flexible and will stay stuck to surfaces that flex or bend.


Protectakote UVR is a single component aliphatic polyurethane coating, which forms a colour-fast, abrasion and weather resistant film with either a textured anti-slip or smooth finish*. Protectakote UVR is available in a large variety of standard colours. *limited range of colours available.

protectakoteuv4lt.jpg Versions:

Brush/Roller, for application by paint brush or stipple honeycomb roller, as used for stipple paints or overcoating Artex.

Spray for Special order only ( 6-8 week delay)


Black (RAL 9005), Mid-Grey (RAL 7046), Light Grey (RAL 7047), Bright Red (RAL 3020), Dark Red (RAL 3013), Sand, Dark Blue (RAL 5010), Mid Blue (RAL 5024), Transparent, Cream, Safety Yellow (RAL1023), White (RAL 9016), Dark Green (RAL 6005), Olive Green (RAL 6013) and Brown (RAL 8011)

Product Uses:

Just some of the various areas where Protectakote UVR may be applied are:

Load areas of pick-up trucks for protection and non-slip properties
All indoor and outdoor flooring applications
Floors and steps of transporters and buses
Ramps for wheelchair access
Emergency exits and fire escapes
Non-slip areas around machinery
Bridges, steps, walkways, decks and helicopter pads on ships
Non-slip surfaces in showers, change rooms and ablution blocks


Tough, weather resistant and flexible
Colour fast
Easy to apply, no skilled labour required
Will not taint water or food once cured
Bonds to most surfaces
Non-slip or smooth textures
Can be overcoated or repaired
Resists many solvents, good chemical resistance to organic and inorganic acids
Abrasion resistant
Drying time can be accelerated if necessary (low temperatures or time constraints)
Compared to standard Protectakote the UVR version offers a greater tensile strength, significantly greater resistance to UV light and a 50% shorter drying time.


Total coverage: About 1.25 - 1.5m per litre in the recommended two coats. i.e. 2.5 - 3m² / litre per coat.






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