Protectakote Clear Primer Treatment

Protectakote Clear Primer Treatment is a single component primer treatment, which can be used to prepare inorganic surfaces such as marble, glazed ceramic tiles and aluminium prior to the application of the anti slip coating Protectakote.

This clear primer give excellent adhesion for Protectakote without etching into the material and changing its appearance, thereby allowing the application of clear protective and anti-slip coatings such as Protectakote and Safekote.

Protectakote anti slip paint is available in a large range of colours including transparent with anti slip granules and a smooth clear version. Below are pictures of a floor tile before and after it has been coated with Protectakote Clear Primer Treatment and Protectakote UVR Transparent:  

Uncoated Floor Tile Before being coated with Protectakote

Floor Tile coated with Clear Primer & Transparent Protectakote

For more information please download the technical sheet or MSDS opposite.

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