Automotive Applications for Protecta-kote

There are many places on cars and trucks where Protecta-kote can make a huge difference not only to the safety of the vehicle, but also to prevent damage and rust. With its unique and attractive textured finish it can also greatly enhance the look of hard working vehicles. Some examples of this include:

Hydraulic tail lift coated with anti slip Protectakote
Hydraulic tail lifts

Truck Bed lined with protective coating
Pickup truck bed liners
Van interior protected by anti slip Protectakote
Trucks and delivery vehicles
Bus steps with an anti slip coating
Buses and trailers
4x4 chassis protected by impact resistant Protectakote
4 x 4's and recreational vehicles
Gritter lorry protected by Protectakote
A trailer lined with anti slip Protecta-kote
Trailers and horseboxes
Van Interior lined with anti slip Protectakote
Van Interiors
Underbody Protection

As well as earth moving equipment, restorations, underbodies and many more. With today's increasing emphasis on health and safety the anti slip (non slip) nature of Protecta-kote can mean real savings when running a vehicle fleet.

For some specific examples see how Protecta-kote has been used to make a difference to a pick-up truck bed liner and also how it has been used to protect the steel work in one of the toughest environments on a gritter lorry.