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There are many non-slip paints on the market today however none of them offer the unique combination of benefits of Protectakote. Protectakote is an extremely well established product and has, under the Durabak name, been around in the USA for over 25 years. Rather than just an anti-slip (whilst often known as non-slip it is never possible to have a completely non-slip finish) paint Protectakote is an advanced anti-slip Polyurethane coating incorporating rubber granules, so offering exceptional durability, flexibility and toughness. Yet despite its amazing anti slip properties it is non abrasive and extremely easy to apply making it suitable for the trade and DIYers alike.

The range of potential uses for the product is almost infinite, but wherever there is a need to improve healthprotectakote-4ltr-150.jpg and safety or to protect from corrosion, weathering and abrasion Protectakote is the ideal solution. To get a better understanding of Protectakote's features and the benefits they bring see below.

  • Single Component
    Protecta-kote is single component polyurethane, which means that no mixing or blending is required prior to application. Protecta-kote does not require specialised application equipment that twin-component systems require. As a single-component system it is ready to use making it ideally suited to being sold as a DIY or retail product.
  • Polyurethane technology
    Polyurethanes offer a great deal of advantages over other non slip paints such as epoxies and acrylics. Polyurethanes chemically bond to the painted surface leaving an extremely tough coating, which will not wear or peel. Polyurethanes also bond to a number of surfaces including metal, concrete, wood, fibreglass, plastic and rubber.
  • Flexibility
    Polyurethanes, again unlike most other non slip paints, are extremely flexible and elastic so that the coating will bend and flex with the substrate and not flake or peel so remaining completely bonded to the surface
  • Ready-to-use, Easy to Apply
    Protecta-kote is sold ready-to-use and requires no mixing or blending of components. Simply prepare the surface, roll-on the Protecta-kote and allow to dry. See the application instructions for more detail.
  • Tough non-slip finish
    Protecta-kote is formulated using rubber granules that give it an attractive textured anti-slip finish (even in the wet). This makes Protecta-kote ideal for use on stairs, walkways, floors, boat decks, truck beds, ramps, trailers, fire escapes and many many more (see the application section for more areas).
  • Non Abrasive
    Because Protecta-kote is formulated from polyurethane and rubber granules it is non abrasive. This means that Protecta-kote does not have the sandpaper like feel of other non-slip coatings. Protecta-kote will not damage or scratch any items that are placed on it. Being non-abrasive it will also not wear down like other coatings.
  • Bonds to most surfaces
    Protecta-kote can be applied to almost any surface including metal, wood, concrete, fibreglass, plastic and rubber. This makes Protecta-kote suitable for a wide number of applications.
  • Prevents rust and corrosion
    Because Protecta-kote chemically bonds to the substrate it will prevent the surface from corroding, providing all loose rust is removed it can even be applied to rusty areas where its bonding properties will prevent any further rust.
  • Resists petrol, acids, solvents and other chemicals
    Protecta-kote will protect the surface it's applied to from petrol, acids, solvents and most chemicals making it ideal protection for vehicles, boats and factory floors.
  • Easy to repair
    Protecta-kote is easy to repair, simply paint over with new Protecta-kote.
  • Easy to clean
    Protecta-kote is easy to clean with standard floor cleaners, pressure washers (up to 600-700psi) or rotary cleaners making it ideal for stables, kennels, horseboxes or pub/restaurant kitchen floors
  • Weather Resistant & Waterproof
    Protects from corrosion and ideal for use internally and externally.
  • UV Stable
    After 500 hours (2000 hrs with UVR version) of QUV accelerated weathering there was no deterioration in physical properties and no surface cracking. Whilst most Polyurethanes will darken slightly on exposure to UV, the UVR formulations of the product leads to no darkening and are ideal for areas such as yacht decks, or areas where water pools or any area exposed to long term external weathering.








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