Marine Applications for Protecta-kote UVR- The Tough Antislip Coating for Boats.

Protection from the elements and health & safety are both very important in applications involving boats. The extra grip that Protecta-kote gives coupled with its ability to protect the surface from water, salt, petrol, diesel and most solvents make it an excellent choice for:

  • Decks (an ideal deck paint)
  • Gunwales, Steps, Roofs, Jetties
  • Tugs & barges
  • Chain lockers
  • Metal stepsĀ 
  • Boat decks & trailers
  • Docks
  • Pleasure boats
  • House boats
  • Sealing rust pipes
  • Sealing rust pipes
  • Military craft
  • Dredge support vessels
  • Fishing boats
  • Police launches
  • Survey vessels
  • Fisheries
  • Ferries
  • Cruise ships
  • Etc. etc etc.

Protecta-kote is a unique, advanced formula polyurethane coating that incorporates rubber granules to give a totally flexible anti-slip (non-slip) finish that will not chip, flake or peel. It can be easily applied to almost any surface including metal, wood (including marine ply), fibreglass, plastic and rubber leaving an attractive textured anti-slip finish that is resistant to impacts.

Unlike any other anti-slip paint Protecta-kote uses rubber granules so is non-abrasive yet still gives all the toughness of polyurethane. This means that it is ideal as deck paint where it is even comfortable to sit on. Due to its excellent adhesion properties it can also be used for wooden floors and decks in areas of heavy use and when combined with Duraprime can even be put onto oily woods (e.g. teak) or damp wooden surfaces.

Where there is going to be high exposure to UV light (boat decks), salt water or water pooling we recommend the use of Protectakote (UVR). This will give a greatly extended life in difficult conditions, greater colour stability and is even tougher than the standard version. The UVR version is now available in White, Black, Safety Yellow, Sand, Blue, Red, Green, Mid-Grey, Transparent, Light Grey, Cream and Tan.

For a specific example see how Protecta-kote has been used to make a difference to a theĀ deck of a narrow boat.