Protecta Kote – Corrosion Resistant Protective Metal Coating

If you tried to imagine the worst environment for metal, you couldn’t find much worse than the hopper of a road gritter.

Salt based grit and moisture from the elements form a lethal combination for metal and provide a breeding ground for rust as the vehicles sit, ready loaded for hours on end before treating our roads.

A local city council contacted us to see if we could find a way to combat this very expensive problem, and slow down the onset of corrosion. After a brief visit, it was confirmed that good old Protecta Kote would provide an excellent solution to the problem.

Upon first examination, the inside of these (quite new) vehicles showed signs of heavy surface rust.

Some serious work with a wire brush was needed to get rid of all the loose rust.

The hoppers were brush painted with black Protecta Kote and will last for a long time before re-application is needed, even with the abrasive action of the grit