Protecta Kote – Renovating Play Equipment

A local Parish Council contacted us with a problem – Their heavily used play equipment had started to show signs of wear and tear.

The worst item was the roundabout in the village recreation ground. The wooden platform of the roundabout was badly damaged due to rot and needed replacement.

The council were concerned that the new wooden platform would not suffer the same fate, and asked us to provide a solution.

After a sealing coat of PVA, the bright blue Protecta Kote was applied directly to the plywood of the roundabout to protect the vulnerable parts from the weather.

The finished, colourful result is in-keeping with the fun atmosphere of the playground.

The roundabout woodwork should be well protected and should keep it’s looks for many years to come. As an added bonus, the non-slip properties of the paint provide a safe, high grip surface even when the roundabout is damp.

In another example a balance beam was cracked, slippery and dangerous, after painting with Protecta-kote the beam is now weatherproof, anti-slip and safe for children to play on.

Balance Beam Before

Balance Beam After