Protectakote – Wheelchair & Access Ramps, Safety Coatings

Due to it’s anti-slip nature, Protectakote lends itself very well to all kinds of safety applications; from exposed walkways and workshop floor coatings to non-slip coverings for access and wheelchair ramps.

In a range of colours with easy application to most types of surface, Protecta Kote provides a cost effective solution to many jobs.

A local organisation providing mobility information needed to coat the wheelchair ramp of a newly commissioned mobile unit.

Due to its availability in small quantities, Protecta Kote provided the perfect solution.

The ramp was finished in blue to complement the trailer livery. The hard wearing finish will maintain it’s non-slip properties even when wet or dirty, and all of those footprints will simply wash off with water.

They liked the finish so much, they even did an access ramp to one of their offices with the spare coating !