DURAPRIME 50 is a two part, water based, epoxy penetrating primer which is supplied at 32% solid. It is recommended for use as a primer with various topcoats, water based epoxies, 100% solid epoxies, and polyurethane coatings. It has excellent adhesion to damp concrete, is fast drying and has low odour making it useful for several industrial applications.

DURAPRIME 50 is non-flammable and has a very low VOC of less than 1.9 lbs./gal May be used as a primer for coating concrete floors in schools, warehouses, laboratories, hospitals, clean rooms, etc. It can be used to prime concrete block, walls, bridge abutments, parapets, and barriers which are top coated with water-based epoxy, 100% solid epoxy coatings or light stable urethanes. Duraprime is a versatile primer.



  • Easy to apply – no skilled labour required;
  • Can be applied to damp surfaces;
  • Compatible with most surfaces;
  • Economical and no specialized equipment is required.


1 litre per 5 to 7 m2 per coat depending on porosity of surface.



You can use Duraprime to:

  • Prime damp and dry surfaces and bituminous surfaces before application
  • Seal screeds.