Protectakote Clear Primer

Protectakote Clear Primer Treatment is a single component primer treatment, which can be used to prepare inorganic surfaces such as marble, glass, glazed tiles and aluminium prior to the application of Protectakote or Safekote. This product has been specifically designed for use with these products and is not recommended for use with any other top coat.
This product ensures excellent adhesion for Protectakote and Safekote to unreactive inorganic surfaces without changing their appearance, thereby allowing the application of the clear versions of Protectakote and Safekote with out significantly changing the appearance of the substrate. As always where the final appearance is critical a test patch should always be applied first.


  • Easy to apply and non toxic
  • Does not etch the surface so will not damage or change the surface appearance
  • Gives adhesion where conventional primers will not work
  • Suitable to overcoat within 30 minutes
  • Economic, will cover 10 m² per litre

When coating large areas over 10m² we recommend doing a test area first.

Tin Sizes: 250ml, 500ml, 1 litre and 5 litres

Please read the product information sheet carefully before application.