Safekote also known as Safekote Marine is the latest anti slip coating to come from Zest Polyurethanes (the manufacturers of Protectakote). It uses the same basic technology as Protectakote UVR but incorporates uniform spherical silica granules to give a much lower profile anti slip finish (Nb, although often referred to as non-slip it is impossible to ever achieve a completely non-slip finish). Safekote Marine is a single component moisture cured polyurethane incorporating uniform silica spheres. This gives an attractive low profile anti slip finish that is easy to apply and easy to clean. With its excellent UV (Ultra Violet) resistant properties it is ideal for Marine Applications as well as standard locations such as floors, steps, ramps and bathrooms.

SafeKote is a single-component polyurethane coating incorporating uniform silica beads that provide an attractive, low profile and slip-resistant surface for wet or dry walkways which is easy to clean and maintain. Its moisture-cure aliphatic (an organic compound whose carbon atoms are linked in open chains) polyurethane composition provides ease of application with an extremely abrasion and weather resistant film suitable for marine applications. SafeKote has an attractive, low gloss finish which is easy to clean.

SafeKote comes in attractive standard colours including transparent that will not fade or yellow from UV radiation, although safety colours and other colours are available on request.


This gives it the following advantages over Protectakote UVR:

  • Better coverage (3-4 square metres per litre with two coats)
  • Easier to apply and achieve a uniform finish
  • Easier to clean and maintain
  • Quicker drying


The advantages of Protectakote UVR over Safekote are:

  • Impact resisting incorporation of rubber granules
  • Enhanced flexibility
  • More pronounced profile making it better for standing water
  • Completely non abrasive


Safekote – is available in Safety Yellow, White, Red, Dark Green, Dark Blue, Light Blue, Cream, Sand, Black, Light Grey and Transparent.



Safekote (Marinekote) has been extensively tested and typical uses include:

  • To give areas such as kitchens an anti slip finish that is easy to clean regularly
  • When used in conjuntion with Protectakote clear primer can be used on ceramic tiles and other inorganic surfaces including glass and polished marble.
  • Boat decks including ocean going yachts as it will resist the effects of salt water and extreme weathering
  • Wooden decking where its greater coverage makes it more economic

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