Protectakote SafetyGrip is an abrasive additive for Protectakote which provides improved grip under wet conditions. Protectakote Safety Grip comprises accurately sized and graded dolomite particles with no dust, fines or aggregations. Please note using Safetygrip will give an abrasive finish so is not suitable for areas such as children’s play equipment or dog agility equipment.


Product Uses: Protectakote Safety Grip can be added to all versions of Protectakote at a recommended rate of 200 grams per litre level where wet conditions will be experienced, or where additional anti – slip properties are required such as ramps that are steeper than 1 in 12 or areas subject to slippery contaminants such as oil or tree sap. Some of the typical application areas are:steep access ramps on to vehicles, a ramp under an overhanging tree, the flooring round heavy machinery etc etc.